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Even in a rather densely populated state such as my own (MA), you can't really get by without a car. Just to get to the train station to get on the train to Boston requires a car. The suburban/countryside lifestyle necessitates a car for commuting to work, getting food, etc. America would have to revert to an urban-rural dichotomy like we had prior to the 20th century for it to work. Lots of people would have to move to the city, and rural areas would have to become much more self-sufficient. Right now we have a lot of 'in-between' zones that require cars, supermarkets, and other modern amenities to be habitable on the current scale. Not to imply I do not favor trying to ween us off of oil, but cars are pretty damn integral to how our society is built, currently.

The current conflict, which very well may exacerbate our already existing problem with energy prices, may force some more research into alternatives. This would lead to pain in the short term but be beneficial overall. The problem is, we're already in bad enough shape economically so it's hard for me to really see it as a good thing. I do see a change in our energy sources as inevitable, even though we've been kicking that can down the road for 30-40 years now.
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