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Originally Posted by synaesthetic View Post
Battery tech has just lagged so far behind everything else. We've got smartphones that are basically computers in your pocket, but they can't last more than a day or two on a charge...

EVs are even worse...

Public transport doesn't solve the shipping issues, and it doesn't always work for individual transport, either. I hear far too many people saying the AC in AC Transit stands for "Absolutely Crappy."

The public transport we have now needs to get a hell of a lot better before it can even approach replacing cars.

Time is money, and it takes me hours to do errands (especially if I have to go between SF and the East Bay)... most of those hours are spent by waiting for the fucking bus to show up. Don't even get me started on full buses, buses missing timing points, the GPS trackers being inaccurate, buses skipping stops, bus drivers generally being dicks and trying to knock my disabled girlfriend over...

If I had a car, I could get everything done in a quarter of the time or less--with far less headache. Just a lot more money spent.
That's why we need to pump more money into Public Transit, so that it will be less crappy, more reliable, more frequent, and more convenient. Take AC Transit for example, it hasn't had a dedicated, stable source of funding since the 1970's. The Result? An endless fiscal crisis that always chips away at bus service. This is same story for lot's of other transit agencies throughout the country. And I bring up improving Public Transit as a way of achieving energy independence not necessarily because it's the best way (Those buses spew CO2 as well), but simply because it's simple to do and doesn't really require that much in the way of fancy technology, and it has the potential to reap some real dividends.
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