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Originally Posted by WILD_LION View Post
Does it mean than Xenovia, Irina and Rossweisse will be the Main characters as a heroines who save Issei in the next Vols.?

For this fourth story arc, Iím thinking of digging into more depth about the heroines such as Xenovia, Irina, Ravel, and Rossweisse, who didnít get that much spotlight. For the start, it was Ravel. It seems like the story ended where they promised each other about their future, so Iím sure Ise and Ravel will become good partners. But, Ravel sure is a strong girl.

Now then, Iím thinking of making Xenovia and others take the main role after this, but Iím thinking of having Gasper take the main part next time. Kiba also had the main role in Volume 3, so I will be using this opportunity to talk about his story since it will be unfair if Gya-suke doesnít have one as well.

Or Issei will save her like Ravel?
No, I think he meant that he was just going to make them stand out like how Ravel stood out in vol. 14 and Rias did in vol.10, taking the center stage in the story, maybe they'll get power-ups or maybe their relationships with Issei will take another step, we'll have to wait and see.
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