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Longinus Smasher, the only thing we know is that Ise only used it twice. Once when he used Juggernaut Drive, and the second time when he merge with Great Red. Then there is the speculation that the source of the move's power is Ise's life source. Other than being a forbidden power that he shouldn't be using, what do we know about it? Anyone want to take a crack of it?
[Longinus Smasher] is probably like his other abilities in using his stamina. [Juggernaut Drive] uses his life force because it forcefully unlocks all of his stored power and unleashes it in a ball of compressed rage fueled badassery. [Cardinal Crimson Full Drive], in my opinion, unlocks only the absolute peak of power that his body can take at the time it's used. His [CCFD] was considerably stronger when he fought Grendel than when he fought Sairorge or CaoCao making me believe that the form can be trained to become more stronger. [Longinus Smasher] had been used with absolutely no mention of it affecting his lifespan forcing him to stop using it, then again I could be wrong since not even Azazel can estimate his new [Mini True Dragon] body's life force.
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