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Originally Posted by Chris38 View Post
I think that it if it was that simple, Ddraig wouldn't call it:

Due to this statement, I think that Longinus Smasher has some pretty outrageous requirements, that Ise hasn't recognized, because .. he was in Juggernaut Drive / combined with Great Red - since, apart from those two moments we haven't seen any other indication that would suggest that Ise used this move.
That could also be taken that since Issei is a human he's not supposed to use an ability reserved for certain dragons. Look at the times he used them, the first time he was "Dragonified" by [Juggernaut Drive] the second time he has fused with Great Red. His life force, in my opinion, was only used because his body couldn't take the immense power output that Ddraig had locked away which is why all the previous users died after unleashing it. Issei doesn't have huge magic reserves like Vali so the only thing it has to use after it's spent is his life force, but since his life force was seemingly unaffected the second time he used [Longinus Smasher] I'm inclined to believe that it uses stamina like his other abilities.
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