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Originally Posted by WILD_LION View Post
Is there a relation between Juggernaut Drive and Divine Dividing Issei power up that the author mention?
Because Issei into Juggernaut Drive the Scale Mail assumes the form of a miniature version of Draig, and it gains the white wings of the Divine Dividing and all its powers, which he took from Vali in their first battle.

Is there a relation between the form of a miniature version of Draig Armor and get the full stability of Cardinal Crimson Promotion?
Because the curse dont exist anymore, right? The curse of the Juggernaut Drive can be permanently removed if the hatred of its past possessors are dispersed, and they died protecting Issei.
Juggernaut Drive is like a forbidden mode for Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing, it merely unlocks the full potential of the two Longinus at the expense of the user's life.

And no Cardinal Crimson Promotion is different from the Juggernaut Drive, Issei needs to first master using the Triana before he can stabilize the Cardinal Crimson Promotion.

@Wild Lion, did you actually read the novels, since this were all stated in the novels.
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