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See, I come from a family of asian women who wear the pants (kind of hilarious actually). When people see me, they automatically put me in that tiresome stereotype of "she's asian so she must be passive." Oh bullshit...I've been breaking that stereotype ever since I was a wee tot. I just refuse to give in to that cliche....and that is what I see in Ranka, and it upsets me to no end.

So for me, Sheryl is a character that I can easily relate to. Both of us have the tendency to say what's on our minds...and the corporate world it really does ring true and it's so difficult to do that in a Japanese company but I have done it and seen it so many times. I'm just the type that refuses to be anyone's lap dog or doormat so I appreciate these kind of traits in her.

--Lone Wolf
Heh, I come from a family, also Asian, where my sister has the strongest personality and my mom controlled the family so I too am used to that type of woman so it grates on me to see someone who is a doormat simply because they don't have testes. On the other hand, I am about as passive and laid back as you can get. Sheryl's strength is quite an attractive personality trait.

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I like to go meta It's fascinating.

Ah, personally, I'm more a Ranka type, the thing is, I aspire to be a Sheryl, in a way
That and yes, Sheryl is a wonderful example of a strong modern woman, but she's still very feminine and often act her age. She also is mostly independant to the male character (for now), and it really pleases me. It may seem like a paradox, but the more a female character acts like an "independent heroine", the more I will support her. At least, I know Sheryl will never need a man for financial support
Of course Sheryl is the perfect sugarmama for Alto since she can support him his quest for an endless sky.

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It's my first time in months checking this subforum and i'm kinda surprised (and glad!) to see Ranka doing bad popularity-wise.
Geez, and i used to think Minmei was annoying back in the days. At least she was charismatic. Now, Ranka..
I think Minmei may have something to do with Ranka's lack of popularity. Frontier draws upon quite a large fanbase from those who saw the original Macross and Ranka reminds many of us of Minmei. Consequently we may subconsciously transfer the bias from her to Ranka. Plus I'm not sure the moe-loli plays as well with the older fans.
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