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Originally Posted by Keitarou20
Dude its legal to marry your cousin in 26 states here in the USA, im pretty sure its legal in Japan and other countires also. Personally im aganist it, I think its wrong, but I can understand it.
I think I can understand it as well.

I gather that you read Brightman's reply about the fact you quoted, but did you check the website he linked to? The website states in its list of facts that 26 states allow first cousin marriages (which was a surprise to me). However, in the detailed list of states, there is NO mention at all that the data is pertaining specifically to first cousins (as opposed to second cousins, etc.). So I'm skeptical about their statement made in their facts page. Perhaps their interpretation of their own data is wrong? And I wish the website cited the sources of its information better.

Anyhow, I don't mean to get us side-tracked. I was just asking for an authoritative answer about the legality of first-cousin marriages in Japan, based on my possibly erroneous assumption about the legalities in the U.S.

I'm really enjoying Da Capo (minus the side stories).


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