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Originally Posted by Keitarou20
Most H game based animes have really good stories even without the Hentai elements. Also this was an H game not an Bishoujo theirs a difference.
Incorrect. Adult PC games in japan are definately called bishoujo games. "H-Game" is not an actual japanese term, since I've never once seen the use of the word "H-Game" in any of my japanese Bishoujo Game magazines, games, articles, etc. And I have quite a few . Seeing how Da Capo was shown in one of my bishoujo game magazines... its pretty good evidence that it is indeed a b-game . Actually, looking over to my Da Capo game box, it shows its a "Gakuen Renai Adventure" game, or "High school true love adventure" bishoujo game.

Although I will agree with the good stories part ^_^.

Originally Posted by bluemist
Hmm... would this be a lighthearted version of Kiminozo?

Any people here who has played the original game? Care to give some nice spoilers perhaps?
I havn't played much of the game, but I think the TV series is going different than the game. In kiminozo, it was one main solid story that branched off near the very end, but Da Capo was different. The stories are more different depending on who's story you chose. But I may be wrong... I havn't actually finished the game yet

Its nice to see the show turn back to the actual plot. The start of episode 1 sort of drew me in with the dream... but then it made nothing of it :P It'll be good to see it start going somewhere.

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