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New gov't not opposed to U.S.-N. Korea bilateral talks: Okada

Japan's new government is not opposed to the United States' idea of engaging directly with North Korea in a bid to resume the stalled six-party nuclear talks, Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada said Thursday, adding that there is a need to cooperate closely with Washington over the issue.
Generally, it appears that if the United States can achieved a positive development to the issue of North Korea through bilateral talks, it is perfectly fine to do so. Okada's stance will no doubt lead to a speedy improvement of the North Korea nuclear threat issue. However, I don't think it will lead to resuming six-party talks as North Korea is strongly against the idea, not to mention that there had already been over a hundred failed negotiations during six-party talks implying that it is obviously an useless process. US-NK bilateral negotiations may prove to be more successful.
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