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Japanese actress freed on bail, faces drug charge

Sakai was initially seen as a distraught wife who went missing after her husband's arrest on drug charges, but later became a suspect herself. Her husband faces similar charges and will be tried separately.

"Because of my weakness, I failed to resist the temptation to use drugs that I should never have touched as a citizen, and ended up causing trouble and disappointment to many of you who have long supported me," Sakai said later at a news conference at a Tokyo hotel. "I regret what I did, and I will never make the same mistake again. I promise."
It seems that the usage of harmful substances is very common in various fields of careers, especially during the a period of economic turmoil.

Speaking of which, there had been a total of 1647 deaths this year over the Mexican cartel issue over US-Mexican borders. It got so serious that the town mayor had to deploy 75000 soldiers to stop the gunfight conflicts which also involved numerous members of the authorities due to corruption. Nonetheless, when one cartel vanishes, another rises. This sort of occurrence has become as common as daily rocket launching over in the Gaza regions.
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