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Originally Posted by Yu Ominae View Post
Oh hell yeah,

Spoiler for Ch 12:
But they do, I saw one of the characters using a Maxim water cooled Single Barrel Machine Gun mounted on the horse carriage here:

But with a sickle style magazine, not the extended 100 round drum magazine that was later used in the First World War.

P.S: actually looking closer at the Maxim machine gun, its an Air-cooled type! which means its an even earlier version then the one used in 1914-1918, i just got confused because it had a water -jacket that surrounds the barrel, looks like a 1898-1906 Navy version, but it was belt fed not from sickle magazines...oh well, the Mangaka must of gotten it wrong, no biggie really.

Also, looking forward to this manga, looks good! Reminds me a lot of David Drakes time travelling novel series.
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