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Originally Posted by C.A. View Post
Actually they did show the ELS true forms as some sort of biometal microbial lifeform.

When Setsuna had the dialogue with the ELS, their entire evolution and development was shown.

As far as I can remember, they looked like hexagonal pieces of metal cells floating in their promordial soup at first. And then they were affected by GN Particles and came together, over the eons the achieved communication, technological advancement and such. They communicate by quantum brainwaves, probably from the effects of GN Particles. Having this method of communication allows their entire race to develop a hive mind and they can work together to shapeshift into any form.

They have no 'true' macro forms, they are microbial lifeforms, living together in giant cellular forms.
Me and sonicsp don't remember that ELS were affected by gn particles and communicated via quantum brainwaves
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