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Originally Posted by Samari View Post
Not really. Especially after they rebooted Superman's story in the mid eighties. He was made a lot less powerful. And if someone gets a scoop of Kryptonite he's done.
He may not be as powerful as he was prior to Crisis on Infinite Earths, but he's still ridiculously strong. His weaknesses are red sun radiation, kryptonite, magic, and massive physical forces. The latter means he can be be temporarily injured through it. And by weakness to magic it is to say that his invulnerability offers no protection agains it, it affects him as it would anyone else. He's still vastly powerful over his Golden Age appearances, but less powerful than his Silver Age. The reason for that is because it grows to be problematic after awhile. It's why Jean Grey can't be apart of the Marvel Universe. They could depower her, or retcon the Phoenix Force, but her interactions with it have become so vital to her story. She'd be as dull as a rock without it. That applies for Superman too. They had to tone them down or else the only way he could appear would be in reality shaking events like their series of "Crisis" events.
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