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I'm probably guessing that it'll be shown on YTV. No surprise there since they were the one who showed SEED in the first place (in Canada).

Or is it possible that they'll show this on Teletoon? Only reason I can think why is because of the 'Angel-Bath,' final OP (if it's shown) and of course, every scene with Meer's...puppies.

EDIT: Scratch what I've just said. I just went to the and found this info in their AX coverage part.

Originally Posted by ANN-AX Bandai Coverage Article
Later in the panel, a question was asked about Gundam returning to TV, but the panelists said that there are no plans for more on US TV at this time, however Gundam Seed Destiny will be airing on YTV in Canada.
Looks like YTV's gonna have a monopoly for canadian viewers. long as I get to see the English dubs of Destiny.
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