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Exclamation Gundam Seed Destiny is CONFIRMED! on YTV

This is not my post but a post from a User on YTV, AnimeDudde


This is from 3 of internets most trusted anime sources, and also from LIVE sources.

Bandai has confirmed at Anime Expo that GSD will air on YTV, when somebody asked about Gundam returning to USA TV. This is probably the first series that will be airing on YTV before, and if, it ever airs in the US, which is highly unlikely.

Considering SEEDS success here, it was kind of obvious. Why else woiuld they rerun SEED for the 4th time... most likely it will start airing this fall, but take note that it has been CONFIRMED, so it will air soon. Not that i see anything too special about it, not a big fan of Destiny, but since it never aird in the US it makes it all the more sweeter :P

Great news for Canadian Anime Watchers!


PS. Eureka Seven, Bleach and (?)Invader Zim(?)
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