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I left my charm at work (decoration ), but on the back it says Umineko no naku koro ni... something, something, "melon books" something, something.

.....My Japanese sucks and I left it at work, what do you people want from me XD ?

I originally had the charm on my purse but... it's so pretty, and I'm so rough with my purse sometimes that I took it off for fear i would loose it ^^; .

EDIT- I'm at work now, so now I can "read" the back of the charm! "'Umineko no naku koro ni' kanji- kanji for the number 4- kanji I should know but I can't remember- melon books - kanji kanji kanji... charm."

.....Have I mentioned that my Japanese sucks? (thank god for The Witch Hunt XD )

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