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Touma wouldn't be eligible for a level 1+ status anyway, his ability isn't psychic in origin. I for one believe the psychic levels are determined by control, i.e. how much mastery the psychic has over his/her own reality. If this is true, Touma would still be level 0 because he has no control over his hand except to direct it at stuff.

He's a bright kid and a fair fighter with a heart of gold and a disgusting powerful yet inflexible ability. A good rounding of positives and negatives.

So, my question, to ye of the novel stock. Not too deep in the spoilers...I just want numbers and names.

Who constitutes Touma's harem, officially? I don't just mean the people he's into, I mean the people who are into him.

Mikoto, the Misakas and Index of course. But anyone else? Only people shown thus far in the anime please...if said people have not been show, just say how many more get tallied onto his scorecard.
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