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Originally Posted by ZeroForever View Post
random side thought.... shouldn't his parents get notified whenever he gets hospitalized (kinda how it works in the real world when they have information on who you are).

sooo his parents never getting informed about his various near fatal injuries just a terrible plot hole or do they have a decent explanation for it?
Remember, not many know people Academy city exist despite the fact it's located west of Tokyo. This secret city is the home of studying psychic powers and new gen technology. Outsiders like normal people or mage are not allowed to come in there unless they have permission. Remember episode 15, when the Anti-skill officer at the checkpoint was checking for Index's ID. It clearly shows unless you a citizen of the city, your not coming in.

So i think the city officials don't bother telling his parents unless he was dead. They have more important problems to deal with like rogue psychics or spies.
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