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Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo View Post
Don't totally dismiss shoujo - in Japan lots of guys read shoujo on and lots of girls read shounen! Sand Chronicles is really a rock-solid romance manga, one of the better ones out there.
I never said that I dismissed shoujo I just have been hesitant about reading some XD I guess this is one of those things were you should just take the plunge. That is how I got involved with romance manga and the first one I read was Love Hina

Originally Posted by jedinat View Post
Emma is a good period romance.
Dear Mine is extremely shoujo, but one of my favorite romance manga.
Mars is very heavy but undeniably good.
Kanata Kara is your classic "adventure with romance" story and is quite excellent. Shoujo of this type usually just plain suck (Fushigi Yuugi anyone?), but this is the exception.

Three of the four of those are not of the demographic you requested, but well, shonen romances are almost always awful and there are so few decent seinen ones...
Hm.... added and thanks for the info ^-^

Originally Posted by Theowne View Post
I am a guy, and at least two of my most loved series are shoujo. Don't let demographic labels throw you off of a series.

Anyways, I will second Maison Ikkoku. It's sort of a superior (imo) version of Love Hina.

I also recommend Cross Game for a more recent manga.

Good my list has just exploded again!

Currently this is my list and I am going through it slowly as right now I am reading about 10 different manga at the same time (yes I can do that and not get the stories crossed).

*Note: there are about 10 more manga that should be on there but they are in stickies on the linux side of my machine:

Koi Kaze. - drama, mature, romance, seinen

Samurai Champloo

Darker than blacK - action, anime, drama, sci-fi, seinen, supernatural

Mushi shi


Code Geuess


Clannad - anime, drama, fantasy, romance, school life, seinen

Air Gear - action, anime, comedy, ecchi, shounen, sports

One Outs

Tenjou Tenge

bakuman - comedy, drama, romance, school life, shounen, slice of life

detective conan - mehbe

Liar Game


tsubasa chronicles


Angel Beats - Hesitant

Afro Samurai


Elfen Lied


Black Cat - action, anime, comedy, sci-fi, shounen, supernatural

Flame of Recca 
Zatch Bell
Shaman King 
Eureka Seven anime/manga both good
Fruits Basket
Saint Seiya
Shinobi Life
GTO - Shonan 14 Days ( THis is GTO continued)
Addicted to Curry
D.N.Angel - Maybe - adventure, comedy, fantasy, mystery, romance, school life, shoujo, supernatural

Open Sesame
Gundam Series
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