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The Devil Does Exist
We Were There
Kare First Love
High School Debut
Fushigi Yugi
Ceres Celestial Legend
Wild Act
Happy Hustle High
Kare Kano
Peach Girl
Paradise Kiss
Sand Chronicles
Absolute Boyfriend
Ultra Cute
Sailor Moon
Sensual Phrase
Missile Happy!

are the best romance manga. Yes, they are shoujo, but they are excellent and epic. Most mature romance manga are shoujo.

Mars is an amazing, epic romance manga you have to read. Kira and Rei are boyfriend and girlfriend and in a deep, intimate relationship. They are dating and living together and through their relationship they uncover dark secrets from their pasts and heal each other through their relationship while battling their emotional demons. Sex, rape, suicide, motorcycles, moving in together, this amnga has it all.

The Devil Does Exist or Akuma De Sourou is a great mature romance manga. The couple is dating, has a realsitic relationship and is serious and cimmitted. The relationship is realistic, sweet, touching and passionate. An excellent, excellent romance manga.

Fushigi Yugi is a really sweet romance/fantasy manga.

Paradise Kiss is an eccentric, mature romance.

Kare First Love has a couple in a serious, committed relationship facing realistic obstacles as they grow as a couple.

High School Debut is an awesome romance/comedy. Yoh and Haruna are dating, Yoh is a cool, experienced guy and Haruna's first boyfriend. Haruna makes a lot of relationship mistakes. A sweet and funny romance manga.

Wild Act is a great romance. Lots of kissing, sex and a sweet and enticing story.

We Were There is an amazing realistic romance manga.

Kare Kano is an angsty, popular romance.

Happy Hustle High is a sweet romance about a couple dating.

Ceres Celestial Legend is an excellent dark romance. Lots of sex in hotel rooms, lots of exciting storylines, pregnancies, death, fantasy, romance, horror, lost memories, this manga has it all.

Sailor Moon is an epic romance manga.

Missile Happy! is a sweet romance about a couple engaged and living together.

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