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it is not trivial but none of it is on the romantic side. Hayate still looks at Nagi as a little sister type. And that won't change till the end of the series as hayate being aware of Nagi's romantic feelings would completely alter the story form Comedy with a touch of romance to Romantic Drama.

It would go straight to the KGNE level of angst drama.

Athena - Girl he broke a promise to
Nagi - Girl he made a new promise to
Well, yeah. There has to be some sort of conflict keeping Hayate and Nagi apart or else this would be an awfully short manga.

Nagi's advantage in this scenario is that time is on her side. Hayate can't possibly see her as a little girl forever. I imagine a fresh round of Athena vs Nagi is in the cards eventually, though. None of the other girls have had enough development to play that role nearly as well as Athena can. I do think Hina will end up doing something, but I'm not sure what exactly. Ayumu has already found a role for herself that doesn't require her to chase Hayate forever.
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