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Originally Posted by Used Can View Post
Dude, that's an awesome idea. Next time I promise my future to a lady, I'll go far away for several years, and when I return and meet again, after she asks why I broke my promise, I'll tell her "I've always been right here, in your heart, baby! ". She'll be all over me in less time than it'd take her to slap me in the face for making some sort of ridiculous excuse. Guaranteed success.
Yep, she would be right to slap you and then leave. You wouldn't be able to know what was going on in her heart, while you intentionally left, thus proving that she isn't in your heart.

It's possible for Hayate because he does mention that he thought of her on a pretty consistent basis.
It could probably be said for Athena as well, as she might have sent him away in the first place to keep him from getting killed, and is shown regretting having sent him away directly after.

Originally Posted by madmac View Post
I don't think a time jump is really necessary unless we are ending with a wedding, in which case we'll be getting a time jump regardless. Come December, they'll be 17/14, which is a lot more palatable then 16/13. It's at least enough that Hayate can start to show interest without looking like a pedo.

Hata is going to have to speed things up to advance the story another 6 months without taking 6 years to do it, but you know there's enough foreshadowing that we'll hit those dates eventually.
While he might use a wedding to close the story, I don't see it happening (with anyone) for another several years. Thus it'd probably be used to give a sense of closure to the story rather than a finality to the relationships, a 'years after' sort of ending rather than anything about resolving the plot. Maybe if he 'tries' multiple girls while he's still realizing things, they'll end with a wedding to say 'this is the one he finally chose in the end'.

Originally Posted by madmac View Post
I'm sure Hina will get some kind of happy ending, but I'm very skeptical she'll end up with Hayate. Don't forget she had Yukiji show up a while back just to tell her to go ahead and hurt herself all she wants for now, and let big sis pick up the pieces later, along with some wink wink nudge nudge comments about "as long as you have someone." I really doubt that kind of foreshadowing won't end up meaning anything.
I think it was also making the statement to the guy with the crush on her, rather than saying that Hina wasn't going to win, she doesn't know Hinagiku and Hayate's relationship to say anything definitive about it like that, but letting her little sister know that there was someone who would pick up the pieces (Ayumu would also fill that spot, but Yukiji probably wouldn't have known that) if it did go sour.
She dealt with the debt herself to protect Hina from being hurt by it, but now she seems to realize that she needs to get hurt some to continue to grow.

The only happy ending possible for Hinagiku right now (romantically at least) seems to be couched in Hayate anyways, she's shown nil romantic attraction towards her own gender, and there isn't anyone else in the story strong enough to fill the position unless Hata decides to throw in another character just for her.
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