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If you gonna make me rank them:


1.) Haruka - I always love her child-like personality. It's really charming and adorable on her and it's really hard not to like her. Oh and she's pretty hot too.

2.) Tsukasa - A bit bipolar personality and determination. How can you balance them both and yet still look good?

3.) Rihoko - Yeah, I never expect this one too but she grew on me. Aside for her weight consciousness, I think she looks really adorable and her personality might not be as childish as Haruka's, well it still looks pretty cute.

4.) Kaoru - Tough, a bit tomboy-ish, and caring. Oh, and she can also show her girly side too .

5.) Sae - Cute, soft spoken, has big breasts and I don't know what to say.

6.) Ai - No comment unfortunately. She never grew on me


1.) Haruka and Tsukasa - Why tie for the first place? Because you actually get to see what happen in the future and for me, I like seeing how they got married or have a kid. Story development is great too. I like how it started from zero to something with hearts .

3.) Kaoru - What I really like about the ARC is how Kaoru start to realize her feelings to Junichi rather than just being only a friend.

4.) Rihoko - The whole childhood thing and furthering the development is good. This is probably the only ARC I've seen the main heroine is getting helped from different people (yeah Haruka has one too but it's not really emphasize too much).

5.) Sae - Not much to say except that it's an innocent love story ARC.

6.) Ai - I'm a little disappointed on this one. Somehow it didn't made a big impact to me
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