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I personally don't understand how Kaoru or Rihoko in terms of arc have more votes than Sae's. Sae's arc was so much more fun than Haruka's imo which was just a bunch of random things put together, it was really nice seeing her grow from her hopeless shy self to a slightly more outgoing girl, and her chemistry with Junichi was spot on and moments like the contest and amusement park were sweet and enjoyable. People waaay exaggerate the amount of fanservice her arc has imo, because those sweet and fun moments and the concept of her arc far outgrow the fanservice her arc has. I'm sure people would be fine if Haruka's arc had the same amount of fanservice or more, but noo. Sae remains my third favorite, just a bit below Ai. Sae may be the less unique of the Amagami heroines, but she is an enjoyable character nontheless and she doesn't need to be too out there to be a good character. In fact, her shyness is what makes her unique among the cast, because all the heroines in this series are pretty much outgoing or at least don't have social awkwardness like Sae.
Fanservice or not, I enjoyed her arc and her as an individual heroine, but a lot of people seem to dislike her and even hate her. D; I think her arc was definitely the sweetest.
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