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It's been bothering me about how the battle with Charlotte ended. Was it because she was so happy after hearing out Madoka that she wasn't fighting carefully enough?

Or when Homura said Mami's never fought anything like Charlotte before, that Mami had really never had a battle with a witch that strong? I just assumed since episode 1 that Mami was as strong or more powerful then Homura. She's been shown to be extremely good with shooting too. But the way she lost like that when Homura overwhelmed the witch didn't sit well with me.

Could Mami have won if she had been more cautious? I figured the first form of the witch was protecting its true form so it would not possible to defeat it unless it cames out of its shell. Maybe Mami's potential as a magical girl was not as strong as the others. Each of her rifles are one shot and she has to create more and grab them and re-aim. In comparison to Homura who was dishing out those energy blasts things freely that were way more powerful then one shot from those guns (Tiro Finale level kind of attack?).

I feel really sad after seeing her go like this but I hope reviving people is impossible in that world. At most, I wouldn't mind if her spirit somehow helps or talks with Madoka in a really brief moment near the end.
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