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Originally Posted by Lime soda View Post
It's been bothering me about how the battle with Charlotte ended. Was it because she was so happy after hearing out Madoka that she wasn't fighting carefully enough?

Or when Homura said Mami's never fought anything like Charlotte before, that Mami had really never had a battle with a witch that strong? I just assumed since episode 1 that Mami was as strong or more powerful then Homura. She's been shown to be extremely good with shooting too. But the way she lost like that when Homura overwhelmed the witch didn't sit well with me.

Could Mami have won if she had been more cautious? I figured the first form of the witch was protecting its true form so it would not possible to defeat it unless it cames out of its shell. Maybe Mami's potential as a magical girl was not as strong as the others. Each of her rifles are one shot and she has to create more and grab them and re-aim. In comparison to Homura who was dishing out those energy blasts things freely that were way more powerful then one shot from those guns (Tiro Finale level kind of attack?).

I feel really sad after seeing her go like this but I hope reviving people is impossible in that world. At most, I wouldn't mind if her spirit somehow helps or talks with Madoka in a really brief moment near the end.

Personally, i think the witch was simply stronger than anything Mami has faced. While i can see how one could arrive to the conclusion that Mami would be as strong as Homura, given that the later always backed down from confrontation, that doesn't necessarily say much about their relative strength. Homura simply didn't have a bone to pick with Mami - she said herself she would want to avoid fighting her. While Mami probably perceived that as lack of confidence on Homura's part, i believe it simply meant what she said - that she doesn't want to fight her. While outwardly Homura doesn't have the friendliest disposition, that doesn't mean she would take any pleasure in walking over Mami in order to achieve her goal. Rather, her goal is one - to prevent Madoka from becoming a MG. Does fighting / beating mami help her accomplish this in any way ?

What i am trying to say is - while i can see how one would assume Mami to be on Homura's level or stronger (which is likely what she assumed herself as well) - that is an assumption based on the fact Homura never chose to confront Mami in a battle. Which is an assumption drawn from a false conclusion - that Houmura's objective is to weed out potential competition for the seeds, and thus her not attacking must be a sign of weakness. But that simply isn't Homura's goal, thus her avoiding battle (and appearing weaker as result) with Mami is not a stepping stone for judging her actual ability.

Besides, we have nothing to judge Mami's power against. Was she strong ? Weak ? We simply don't know, because up to this point, we had nothing to compare her to. She looked to handle herself pretty well in a fight indeed, but this is actually information that exists in a vacuum - for all we know, she might have been weak by MG standards and had gotten lucky with witches thus far (She took some punding against the rose bush as well, it wasn't a flawless victory for her). Or she could be of average ability, and Houmura is simply stronger (which i think is the most likely case). We can assume Homura to be more experienced as well - after all she somehow spotted this witch to be a strong one, something which eluded Mami until it was too late.

Could Mami have won if she were more cautious ? I am not sure - while it is likely she considered she had already won, it's not like she had turned her back to the witch. I believe the implication was that the witch simply moved too fast for Mami. Could she have dodged if she was ready to ? Hard to say, but overall, considering Mami's fighting style and time needed to set up a big attack (and the witch took a fair deal of pounding before going down), and the speed of this particular witch, it was probably a losing battle either way.

So ...yeah. I would say that the conclusion of Mami being strong compared to Homura is likely a false one, as it is actually based on lack of information (Homura hadn't fought up to this point, so no way to actually gauge her power) and misinterpretation on her intentions and thus what her backing down from fights with Mami implied.

As to why she didn't break out of Mami's binding ... well, she was caught outside her MG setup, and it could be that the girls don't posses any special ability unless transformed, which the binding likely prevented her from doing.
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