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Wow, that's a loooong description, but can't be help since you really know what you want ^_^.

Okay, so, have you seen Bakemonogatari? If you haven't, I can tell you that it fits your description almost perfectly. Somethings that I think are the weakness of the anime: (first) it's wordy. There's a lot of dialogue involved if you're the kind that don't like dialogues. (second) the pacing is slow BUT intense. WTH does that mean? you have too see it to believe it ^_^. (third & last) the visual may be too 'art-y' for non-anime-veterans. That's it, the other aspects of this anime fits your bill nicely (especially about the gorgeous tsundere main-girl) ^_^.

I haven't seen Shakugan no Shana or Myself;Yourself. As for Shuffle, I've seen some episode of it and by that, I can tell that it's a pure harem anime. Means: a boy surrounded by LOTS of dazzling girls. You may check it out if you want, it certainly wont harm you like School Days ^_^.

Also, to a lesser extent, I can recommend you Katanagatari and Amagami SS episode 21-24 (don't worry about other episodes. That's the whole story/arc that you need right there) and Ranma 1/2. If you're not satisfied, I believe other titles will be recommended to you shortly.
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