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Originally Posted by Classified Info View Post
stopped at episode 10 of bakemonogatari: i realized i don't really like it; probably because it's more about psychological rather than the relation between the two. After the first 2 episodes, the female protagonist... disappears. Also the black/red/white-cuts annoyed me much. Looks more like a surreal story about spirits/horrors to me.

This is most probably because i just recently started watching japanese animation, and so i might not fully appreciate these works. I'm sure there are deep messages thro these animes, but it's not exactly what i was looking for. Anyways, i guess it has been a good thing watching this, because i can let you understand what i tend towards to.

If the other animes you listed are more about fantasy/weird stuff rather than the relation between the two protagonists, let me know, since i got only 5 days left of massacre.

Thank you again for your answers, i really appreciate it.

Starting to watch Mayoi Neko Overrun!
You should watch episode 12 at the least[it's an episode completely about that ].
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