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Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
Only 2 pages and it's missing most of the characters? Well, I guess they aren't worrried about it being selling than.
Oh, how I love your snarky comments.'s completely normal to see only a couple of pages or so for a given series in each particular magazine per month. But you see, the other publications will also have a similar number of pages about it. In total, you'll get a larger number of pages after adding all the coverage up...not to mention that we don't always get all the scans, which makes your judgment a bit premature.

In this case, that's obviously not the only scan from this month. I went ahead and found another, from a different magazine:


Btw, I like seeing the Alexander in 2D.

Anyway, this is obviously not the only thing they're doing to advertise the project. I expect that there will be a lot more buzz after the 16th.
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