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I like Akito's pilot suit (?) design. It looks really cool.

The comments from the producer posted above are pretty interesting. Apparently something tragic happened to Akito in the past, and the mystery of his past is a key point in the plot which will be hinted at in the ED illustrations. Sounds similar to what they did with the original Code Geass series. Another aspect that people have been asking a lot is how Geass plays a part in the plot here, and whether Akito will use Geass and how. As for that, they are keeping it entirely a mystery until viewers see it for themselves. They deliberately decided to not use any sort of Geass teaser in the promotional images, trailers, etc for Akito.
As usual, thanks for the information.

We already knew from an interview way back in early 2011 that Geass itself was still going to be a part of the show, but these additional details sound good.

The way I see it, Layla/Reila is implied to have a Geass ability but Akito himself probably won' least not initially, though we all know these things can change over the course of the story. Which makes the situation a bit more interesting, since we could also speculate that the protagonist's tragic background might be related to Geass, directly or indirectly, and Akito or his family may even have been a victim of its effects at one point or another.

Also, I'm glad that the ED illustrations will once again serve as representations of the past, since a lot of the CLAMP art in R2's EDs was usually much more abstract (and full of too many wings, chains, etc.). Incidentally, from what little I can tell, apparently Takahiro Kimura is going to provide those ED illustrations like he did during S1.
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