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Very interesting! Since so little has been said on the EU until now, it's nice to finally have a grasp on its history and organization. The fact that the EU has their own calender system is a nice tidbit, since they obviously wouldn't use the highly patriotic calender system of Britannia. (Though, the part about Napoleon is confusing, since according to the official CG timeline, he died at sea while returning from his defeat at the battle of Waterloo, suspected to be an assassination by the late Queen Elizabeth, and wasn't executed as it says here. Hopefully this will be cleared up eventually.)

And no, your translation is looking pretty good, no obvious errors. (Though, how did you translate "populism" from the kanji given at the end? I've never seen that term in Japanese before.)

All in all, the ova really seems to be shaping up well! I can't wait to see the first episode.
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