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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
I always think that some characters in Evangelion Rebuild have been “tamed” to entertaining-level. I think that’s the main purpose of Rebuild. To make Evangelion more accessible/enjoyable to newcomers by not being as grim as the original (so far).
Unfortunately in my mind tamed means to sap out all the personality they had-- they almost seem to have turned into the archetypes they subverted in the first place.

Though the worst is definitely the new character, that really fits the bad kind of archtype in the OP. She has zero depth, a flat personality, and is really just there to do cool possibly inhuman feats as well as show off tits and ass. Though I guess that's why her nickname is "Mari Sue" :S

But this is a rant for another day. As I've said before, there's nothing wrong with showing off a character's body or abilities. But it can't just be an end to itself.

I really do feel like Rebuild was supposed to reflect a more matured creator that moved out of their depression, but the characters here don't really have enough luster. We can hope they boost themselves past the halfway point, but it doesn't look that way atm.
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