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I'm always browsing around for a new "novel" to read after finally~ finishing last scenario for FSN maybe this week. I been working on FSN all last summer but I never thought the last scenario was very interesting until I played it late at night and you first encounter the "darkness" (purposely mislabeled for spoiler reasons) which freaked the sheets out of me.

But anyway Sushi-Y's sig drew me to this, good to know its a novel with no ero, but how is the "novel" experience compared to FSN? I was impressed from first playing FSN and how it did action sequences sooo well.

Just wondering is Higurashi like it in a sense or... more toward a plantarian or naucissa (sp?) sorta thing?

Also how is the horror in this work, I've always been a coward lol. Like I said things like the FSN "darkness" scared the begeesus out of me. I was wondering am I gonna be jumping in my pants or... lol I don't even watch horror movies ;-;

Also (mmm lots of also lol), I understand through the horror description the element of blood on the theme for the website... but what the heck is the "eyes" thing after you "enter" at I'll know eventually? Cause damn i hate creepy stuff like that
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