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Originally Posted by JarOfMayo
But anyway Sushi-Y's sig drew me to this, good to know its a novel with no ero, but how is the "novel" experience compared to FSN? I was impressed from first playing FSN and how it did action sequences sooo well.
Yay, the sig worked. ^^;

Compare it to Fate? Hmm... my suggestion would be to not do that; these are two completely different games, they're both great, but in their unique ways. You'll only be disappointed if you start Higurashi expecting "something similiar to Fate/stay night".

My suggestion is to just start the game with a blank mind, and don't judge about what it's like (whether it's the visuals or story developments) until you have finished the game (or the first chapter, at least).

Experience wise, Higurashi is definately one of the best. Regardless of where we are now (Minagoroshi-hen, the 7th installment out of the planned 8, where most of the mystery has been solved), when the story was still rolling around in the early chapters, it was certainly gripping.

Originally Posted by JarOfMayo
Just wondering is Higurashi like it in a sense or... more toward a plantarian or naucissa (sp?) sorta thing?
No, Higurashi is nothing like those games. ^^; Well, in terms of presentation, at least. Don't be fooled by all the publicity out for the game. Higurashi no Naku Koroni is not simply a horror-mystery game, it's got comedy, adventure, action, romance(?), and even sci-fi(??) elements to it. The game features countless laugh-out-loud moments throughout the chapters that you won't find anywhere else (there's a lot of otaku humor here, it's a doujin game after all). All of this serves as an excellent way for the reader to become familiar and attached to our main characters, so that when the serious and dark portion of the story comes into play, we'll find ourselves empathizing with the characters and sharing their viewpoints.

Originally Posted by JarOfMayo
Also how is the horror in this work, I've always been a coward lol. Like I said things like the FSN "darkness" scared the begeesus out of me. I was wondering am I gonna be jumping in my pants or... lol I don't even watch horror movies ;-;
Higurashi doesn't really have "jump-out-of-chair" scares (for me, at least), the scares in Higurashi doesn't surprise you either, but creeps up on you. The musics and sound effects do most of the scaring, not the visuals. If you play this game, do not turn down/off the sound. ^^; Then again, I don't see how there's anything remotely scary about the "darkness" you mentioned for Fate/stay night, so maybe you'll find Higurashi horrifying. ^^;

Originally Posted by JarOfMayo
Also (mmm lots of also lol), I understand through the horror description the element of blood on the theme for the website... but what the heck is the "eyes" thing after you "enter" at I'll know eventually? Cause damn i hate creepy stuff like that
Oyashiro-sama? Don't worry, I think that only showed up a couple of times in the game.

In any case, you should head to the official site:
and browse around for more info there.

Most importantly, you can download the trial version of the game there as well (the trial version contains the entire first chapter/installment of the game, Onikakushi-hen).
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