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Originally Posted by Nightengale
Okay......this really has both to do with the anime and the game, but the question really relates more to this part, so I'll ask it here.

I have yet to watch the anime, and I should be recieving my air-mail of Chapter 2 to 5 in about 2 weeks time.

Sushi-dono knows that I wasn't too thrilled about Onikakushi, and I just really want to ask if watching the few episodes will ruin the game experience from Chapter 2 onwards?
Well, in case you don't know yet, the anime's approach is to allocate a short series of episodes to cover each chapter (Episode 1 - 4 summed up Onikakushi, for example. 5 - 8 will probably make up Watanagashi, 9 - 12 would be Tatarigoroshi, etc.), this means that the anime story will be somewhat of a summarization compared to the game's original story: the important key events are all there, but lacks in detail for the rest of the story.

Still, Higurashi IS mainly a novel based around the suspense and mystery, so once you have seen the story once, the "whoa" impact value is bound to decrease. Some people care about this, some don't. Personally, I would go through the game first before watching the anime, because it has been pointed out through the first 4 episodes that the anime has made some misses / skipped some things which made things a little more confusing for anyone who haven't played the game. On the other hand, if you watch the anime first, then you will probably enjoy it better due to the freshness of the story + you wouldn't notice the rushed pacing as much.

In the end, it's up to you.
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