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I was to lazy to read all posts on this episode 11 discussion so i apologise if i repeast something that has already had a reply to it.

Just a few things which have been bothering me after i watched this episde and thought i would voice them.

1. What the corpse retriever Rammie said was that the silver will just appear. Now the only other thing that just "appears" is the houga (if spelt wrong sorry) which leads me to think that the silver might be contained inside a houga now it could be random one or specific but from the looks of it possible the reiji maigo (if spelt wrong again sorry).

2. The starting has pheles extending her arms (im guessing its pheles) to yuji with shana looking at them so this is another thing that bothers me i thought she wanted the reiji maigo and and anther thing unlike hecate (again if spelt wrong sorry) she doesnt say at the end the reiji maigo she says johan which kind of leads be to believe that yuji didnt just possibly recieve this houga by random means possibly and yer its a long shot he could be the "reincarnation" of johan. Long shot but just a thought.

Now if there are people who know more about this thru reading the manga then please pm me if you could with some of the spoilers i like to know them tbh even tho it means i know what is coming i will still end up watching it.

Try not to be to harsh with your replys :P

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