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Originally Posted by IkuzeMinna View Post
Destiny may have been crap but I really don't think the story was worse than FT's. It's pretty hard to beat something that features freezing characters, fighting via virtual piano playing and enemy suits called "Merciless Fairies" while taking itself seriously.
But I can't argue with the characters part. The FTs may be clones with silly back stories and questionable natures but they sure never danced off cliffs.
I don't get you. Either Gundam Wing is your only giant robot series or you hate giant robot series. Watch some super robot series. Cryogenic is common in robot series. Blue Gender had Cryogenic. Bebop had Cryogenic. Those were both on Adult Swim so it is easy to have exposure to them. G Gundam had the mobile trace system. UC shows had people piloting robots with their minds, freezing robots with their minds, building robots with their minds, souls trapped in boxes, clones etc. But you want to complain about virtual keyboards? Seriously? Something that sounds cool and allows a unique mobile doll piloting style is complained about? What is wrong with you people? It is basically the same thing Dorothy was doing but without using the Zero System. She was able to accurately control the dolls and give Heero and Duo Jr trouble. The Dolls did well. It worked and sounded cool. Macross has people singing to attack in their suits. Macross is built off of singing while dogfights happen. As far as names go we have Full Frontal and Quatro Bagina. The guys name is basically 4 vagina. Gundam is no stranger to craziness. Frozen Teardrop is pretty tame compared to what is out there in this genre.

Frozen Teardrop is in no way worse than Destiny at anything comparable.
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