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The first episode that hasn't been on manga yet! Though have read the LN but nice for once to not have to compare it with manga's more comical feel ^^

- The way Kobato'a avoiding go outside was adorable X3
- "True men don't afraid of food additives", lol Yukimura
- Poor Maria. Yukimura is probably a poop for her now until he give her normal food again XD
- Those Rika's mails, she never stop being (pervertly) awesome! Even Yozora couldn't handle her
- Yozora's NIKU trolls are awesome. One of her abuse I found hilarious. Can't say the same with her latter, though it hit her back with Kodaka helps Sena. IIRC that particular scene wasn't on the LN. Nice addition, I think

And yay for next episode, the release of sealing technique and pool chapter again

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For some reason, no matter what the age or technology level, everybody uses a clamshell phone in Japan
Maybe Japanese often use clamshell phone because it was convenient for them with bigger screen so they won't misread kanji
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