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Originally Posted by Sackett View Post
Yozora then rises to the challenge- because to her it's a game. And then it goes too far and Yozora is so much better at it that Sena gets crushed, and she runs off heart broken. Leaving Yozora disappointed that Sena didn't fight back. Yozora thinks of Sena as her friend, but also a rival, she wants a friendly rival. In fact that's why Yozora was so happy when Sena asked Kodaka for her email so she could send Yozora annoying messages. Yozora was so excited that she then went overboard again with attacking Sena.
That's not really what I was getting at all.

In any case, yes Senna could improve her attitude but it's nowhere near as bad as Yozora's responses. What exactly did Senna do to provoke Yozora into having a private conversation with Kodaka that was obviously meant to isolate her? Her attitude might have rubbed people off the wrong way but I seriously doubt that Yozora was at all annoyed by it. It seemed more like she did it just because she saw an opportunity to mess with Senna.

And it's clear that despite her attitude Senna makes genuine attempts to befriend Yozora, like how she asked for her number and address. Now why did Yozora feel the need to be difficult when there was obviously no challenge?
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