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Originally Posted by Haak View Post
Like I said, her attitude might have rubbed people off the wrong way but I seriously doubt that Yozora was at all annoyed by it. It seemed more like she did it just because she saw an opportunity to mess with Senna.
He says, she says. You doubt, I believe.

Originally Posted by Haak View Post
How do we know she was? It seemed pretty obvious to me that the intention of prank phone calls was due to Yozora saying "What a greedy look you have bitch. If you want it so badly prove it to me." I mean if she was just asking to get her address for prank phone calls then why did she storm out screaming "Yozora no baka!" and crying? That doesn't look like a reaction of someone who's plan just failed. That looked more like a reaction from someone who's feelings were hurt.

How do I know? Because I'm not fooled by a pair of good breasts and teary blue eyes

And I'm looking at it from Yozora's pov, to have your enemy suddenly acting all nice and friendly to you, are you honestly going to just hand over your address number?
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