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Originally Posted by potchip View Post
random snip: Yozora when kneeling down to grab her phone from the bag, holds her skirt in place :P
This was a scene I couldn't help but laugh and rage at the same time. I know this series is doing it's darnedest to not show any pantsu (hey, why not nopan the OP instead of showing any), but this scene, this scene when Yozora holds her skirt, I couldn't help but laugh that the animators even took the time to deprive me of panchira

Here's something that seems to have gone over unmentioned: how about the fact that Kodaka is actually quite the pervert, sneaking a peek at the fellow's ecchi magazine

Ahem anyways, loved a lot of this episode, even though I was partially rolling my eyes at two kids who didn't know much about their phone's functions (I'm the kind of person that quite literally dissects the phone to know how it works instead of reading the usually unhelpful manual). Even more perplexing to me was the continued use of Infrared in Anime, I feel like the only one who ever sent contact details through Bluetooth....

Maria, Maria, I kinda felt sorry for her. Seriously, major protein ingestion. It's a fact one is not supposed take in the entire container at once

And I'm quite, I don't know, amused is the wrong word to use, I am how do you say intrigued at the continued debates of Yozora versus Sena. I knew this is what the series is about from the start and was looking forward to it, but seven episodes in and both sides of the viewers still have a wall in-between them.

So I'd like to take the time out of my busy schedule and add my 2 million cents. Sena by all accounts still is the kind of person I would NOT call prideful. There is a huge difference between someone who looks down on others on purpose and one who unknowingly gets their point across in that manner. Sena I would put in the latter group, ever since she first entered the clubroom, it was an obvious fact she had zero interaction on an equal level with someone else. So it's natural she won't get her words across that well. I should know as I had a rather similar youth to her, the isolation of a genius, in that there was quite literally no one on my level I could talk to, and when I do speak up, hello convo killer.

And that is why I've come off as a bit of an insane maniac here in this forum, I eventually had to become the opposite of a genius (yes I am like this in real life) Sena's case is one of where her honestly is so obvious in the way she tries to hide it by saying the opposite. I simply viewed it like this:

Sena: I've never been to karaoke before. There's no way I could partake in such commoner activities.

Translation: I've never had any friends. No one wanted to invite me to karaoke.

Even with this cell phone episode (obviously hinted by her incomplete sentence the first time):

Sena: Why would I need a cell phone, all the girls are kyaah kyaah over them. It's not like a high class persona like me needs a phone.

Translation: I never had a cell phone because I had no one to call. If I had friends to call then I would want a phone too.

Those who spend a great deal of time in this forum would notice I just can't hate either of the 2 girls (Yozora and Sena). I'll say it again, I love watching their interaction with one another. I can't bring myself to hate Yozora because there are still mysteries about her past, why she shunned Kodaka before he left, why she ended up with an air friend instead of a real one, I keep these things in mind whenever Yozora verbally abuses Sena because the way I see it, Yozora has this grand opportunity to enact onto a real person instead of an air one, one who obviously can't win against her, and the ensuing deep conversation Yozora has with Sena, which is so much more than what an air friend can offer. This is why I can't hate Yozora's actions: for quite some time now Yozora has not had the interaction with a real person prior to Sena, and with Sena being the way she is, Yozora is sort of "venting" all those years of lack of interaction with others onto Sena, who responds pretty much in a way Yozora wants her to. And as it is episode 07 now, we start to see that she is now regretful of her actions towards Sena is potentially separating her from Kodaka. So in regards to Yozora, I expect things to change from now on, especially now that Sena's interactions with Kodaka are becoming closer each time Yozora goes after Sena.

In Sena's case, this is a girl who's upbringing was a little more easy going than the average person. In a twist of opposites with Kodaka, Sena's looks have drawn her apart from potential friends. Thus, her interaction with others in a friendly level is next to nil, which is why she comes off as saying the opposite of what she truly feels, mainly because she's never had the chance to be on a friendly speaking level with others, and is embarrassed to do so. A girl who was looked down on others, tries her best to look down on her new friends, but she's doing a poor job of that, and can't hide the truth no matter what.

This will probably be the last time I touch on this subject in such a wally of texty way (I seemed to have done this before). Surely I can't be the only one out there who sees these 2 girls this way?

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