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Had a weird Charu-related dream last night--one that I'm watching in the third person.

Essentially, Charu manages to get Ichika out on a date to a ferris wheel. Ichika being Ichika, nothing Charu talks about romantic-wise goes right. She then gets frustrated and climbs out of the ferris wheel (Ichika being Ichika doesn't notice until she's gone).

She's then on top of the ferris wheel cab, saying something about how hard it is to win Ichika's heart even if all the conditions are right--then the ferris wheel goes out of control and poor Charu's trapped on top of it. I keep thinking why doesn't she kjust use her IS and get out of there? Then I notice she's not wearign her necklace/IS.

I wake up then, not making sense of it.

...I dunno, did that make sense?
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