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Originally Posted by Om Nerabdator View Post
Spoiler for ch92:
I wouldn't say it was nothing. It's the start of a Miyamori flashback. One of the best things about the preliminaries arc was how this series managed to make us care about all those teams and characters; even now, our attachment to Tsuruga and Ryuumonbuchi sticks with us through Achiga. I'd say, development for Miyamori and the other schools is something necessary to bring our interest in them to that same level.

Eisui will probably get another chance in the semi-finals; but I do really like Miyamori, so I'm okay with slowing down a little to flesh them out while we have the chance.

What I am concerned about is how fast Achiga's going. Also, Ritz taking another damn break apparently, lol. But by itself, I think this chapter is fine.

Toyone did reveal another ability/skill. Also, while Kyouko's "change of strategies" did get her knocked on her ass again, I'm still expecting her to put on at least a little bit of a performance in order to back up the faith that Hiroe showed in her. What I'm really looking forward to though, I guess, is seeing just what kind of monster Saki has become. lol, this is practically the first time we've seen her playing since her match in the preliminaries. Saki's behaviour is pretty noticeably different from the time she was playing against Koromo; newb/gimmick stuff like taking her socks off feels like it's long gone. I think this match has been going pretty well.

Anyway, while I was trawling the /a/ archives for Saki discussion a ran across a couple tenhou replays that are absolutely insane, lol. Check these out: the interface is in Japanese but I managed to figure it out just by clicking around; post if you need more detailed instructions.

Hahaha, people who think that Saki's mahjong matches are bullshit should totally just check these out.
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