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Originally Posted by Sol Falling View Post

Hahaha, people who think that Saki's mahjong matches are bullshit should totally just check these out.
1st one: Daisangen on Rinshan.. That's fucking sick..
Not to mention he only had one 'Qing Fa' at that time.. Sick!!!! Plus that last dora.. -.-'

2nd one: His starting tiles are good enough with good draws so that's less sick than the 1st one imo...

Originally Posted by King-Slayer View Post
Anything focusing on Miyamori is a good chapter. I love the flashbacks because they make us care about Kiyosumi's opponent. And what the hell did Toyone do? it seems pretty awesome.
Personally I think the flashback are good but not 16pages after 70+ pages of Achiga.. ZZZ
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