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Well currently, Shenlong is a bulky melee tanker type but it has been shown to be consistently beat down except for when the author needed to show exactly how much of a nub Ichika still is *coughV5openingcough*. Then I thought about the impact cannons, something about them seemed familiar. Then I retraced kung fu and eastern martial arts and realized why it was so familiar.

Void Fist. Impact cannon reminded me of void fist which is basically hitting people with air pressure or "ki".

So then I thought "Why not just put it on shenlong's arms and legs?" :|

2nd shift for shenlong would then entail that within the streamlined layers of armor, there is a small space where ultra-high pressure air is being kept, that or just in bracelets or anklets on the arms and legs. this allows for multiple functions like void fist, Bruce Lee's one inch punch(shenanigan), instant acceleration and powerful jumps. I'm even contemplating if the multiple cannons can interact with each other on their air pressurization for one massive explosion(kamehameha anyone?). Combined with more streamlined armor, it allows for kung-fu moves to be applied more easily and with more power D:
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