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This post is the continuation of something from the manga thread for the point of discussing it with someone else:

As I have mentioned before here (but no one seems to notice), there is a Japanese blog shown here ( that keeps track of the Fairy Tail manga and anime, and it has all but confirmed that the anime will not only continue from now to beyond the coming April, but there will be filler arcs. At least, I think it does. It's in Japanese, which I can't easily read.

Anyway, here's a excerpt from the blog (in Japanese):






4月以降はアニメオリジナル編になるそうで、製作には真島先生がガッツリ関わっておられるとのこ と。
原作で出来なかったことを詰め込むらしく、笑いあり・バトルあり・涙あり・・・の話になるんだ とか。
また、7年後の世界での原作では触れられていないキャラについて描かれるらしく、その他にも凄 い色物が出て きたり、多数の新キャラが出てくるようだ。

① ココ

From what I could make out, there will be filler involving two separate characters:

First is the Earthland counterpart of Coco, that little girl from Edolas who always runs around and seems to be fond of Panther Lily.

Second is Kinana, an employee who works at Fairy Tail, but is really the human form of Cubelios, the former giant flying snake companion of Cobra from Oracion Seis. According to her character profile from the manga, Kinana was transformed into a snake by an evil wizard, but was changed back into a human by Makarov and went on to work at Fairy Tail as a waitress. She has no memory of her time as Cubelios. Also, the character has appeared in the guild since episode 96, after Natsu and co. returned from Edolas. In fact, she also makes a few appearances walking around in the background in episode 118.

What I want to know is the exact details behind why this information was said. I mean, is this really a confirmation? Will there be filler involving these particular characters? Or is this all just some form of speculation? Because the blogger came back from a convention and got to ask questions, such as whether or not the anime would continue into this April, since the current schedule of episodes ends goes onto the end of this March. The blogger got her answer: the anime will continue. And then they got the whole deal with these characters. Any help in better translating what was said would be very...well...helpful.
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