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Originally Posted by Crimson Cloud View Post
I'm really happy for him but also a bit envious of his lovey-dovey experience. Haha and I even told him that but he just pated my back assuring me that my time will come lol.

I won't go into discussion if that relationship will last and what will become of it later but the whole point was, that sometimes, good stuff like this happen to people. ^^
I would almost say that's the worst sort of relationship. You've found someone who's "perfect," but because of the distance between you, the relationship has no future! You can't hear their voice, you can't hold them, you can't do things together, and worst of all, you have no ability to advance the relationship.

I say this as someone who avoided pursuing single friends of mine for years because I wanted the relationship to ultimately become marriage. I was past the point in my life where I'd be dating for the sake of dating, and getting involved with someone I had no future with (due to religious differences, for example), was just a waste of time. In my mind, a long-distance relationship is a hindrance, and a long-distance relationship with the "perfect" person is just torturous.

So don't envy your friend. He may have found someone now, but it's someone who, though no fault of her own other than the circumstances, is passively stagnating his life. Given the choice between waiting for the truly perfect person or tying yourself down with someone who seems perfect but is ultimately unattainable, which would you prefer?
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