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Originally Posted by warita View Post
So your gf seems to be the one to do this for you, since obviously you dont want to change your life for her. And thats your choice, dont get me wrong, so as long as she is fine with it, than there is nothing more to say to it.
It's not so much that I don't want to as it is that both of us agree it would be exceedingly foolish to do so. I have a job with a great salary and great benefits 15 minutes from my house. She has a near minimum wage job and is actively looking for real employment after just graduating college. It's only natural for her to seek jobs where I live, since the alternative is for me to increase my commute time by two hours a day or quit my current job in order to get work where she lives. Also, I live on my own. She has yet to move out from her parents' house. When she does, she'll need a new place to live. Why not look for somewhere near me?

We're doing what's best for both of us - what's best for the relationship. It's not about one person or the other changing their life because the other won't. It's about doing what's best for the couple.
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