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Originally Posted by Vnonymous View Post
When you say that the story itself is lying to you and you cannot trust direct evidence, you throw the entire story away.
I find problems with this position.

It breaks down when its logical conclusion is applied to real life. When you see an optical illusion, do you think that means you shouldn't bother using your eyes any more because they provide unreliable data? When a person lies to you once, does that mean that you can never trust anything they ever say to you again? And to truly hold your position and take it to a consistent logical conclusion means you should dismiss all of Umineko's Fantasy scenes as completely useless, even for hints.

RK07 is really, really trying to challenge us to think about fiction differently than we are accustomed to. The narrator is subjective and has an agenda, and to understand the story being told, what we really need to do is to unravel that agenda. That's why we look for metaphors and hints in the Fantasy scenes, even though we know they aren't real. Of course there are no absolutely reliable methods that can be applied in this process, but so what? We simply have to make the best judgment we can with the non-absolute information at hand, just like we do to come to conclusions about the real world.
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